Shattered Heart 💔

I wrote this poem last year and still I allowed myself to look for love in the wrong places. I lost focus and forced my heart into the hands of another. I KNOW that true love resides in myself but sometimes I forget and get side tracked. I allowed my love of someone else to be more important that my own. As I type this I’m actually thinking “What an idiot, why would you do that?” but I don’t want to be hard on myself. I want to learn from my experiences because everything we go through good or bad is for a reason. Now I feel that I’m at a place where I’m focusing on my love again and it feels so right ❤ I hope this poem is a reminder to yourself too that you are the love that we are all searching for and once we discover that everything else will flow ❤

Shattered Heart

How many times will I allow my heart to be shattered into tiny pieces?

How many days will I spend trying to put those pieces back together?

Will my heart ever heal or will it always be scarred?

It was not true love that destroyed you because true love doesn’t hurt.

It was my foolish self that refused to give up hope that I would receive the love I craved.

What I failed to see through my own blinded love was that I was looking in the wrong place.

All the time I was looking to you for love I didn’t see it right here inside me.

I destroyed my soul, I ripped out my heart and gave it to you to destroy.

I blamed you, I blamed them but the blame was always with me.

Because I gave all of myself to you and allowed the pain and destruction.

Now I have taken back my heart and every day I work on repairing it, building it back piece by piece.

It may never be the same but it beats stronger to compensate for the scars.

It pumps harder to remind me that the love is still flowing through my veins.

It palpitates to remind me that love is still here and will always remain.

Inspired by Louise Pierre


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