My perfect body

I work out at the gym more or less everyday. I worked out throughout all my pregnancies, although I haven’t always been consistently consistent. Anyway, my point is I’m generally fit and take care of my body but still I have my mummy tummy. I have resided to the fact that I will never have a six pack or totally flat tummy and to be honest I’m happy and comfortable with myself. My tummy is a part of my journey. It has carried life…5 children in fact, 4 of which were c-sections and for that I’m eternally grateful to my tummy. Plus, I’m 45, so I’m no spring chicken out here. THIS IS REALNESS.

We are bombarded constantly with images of so called “perfect bodies” of which are air brushed, filtered or paid for. This is MY perfect body which I take pride in taking care of. So many people focus on looking younger or being “body perfect” that they become insecure in their own skin and don’t even acknowledge, recognise or appreciate the beauty that reflects back at them every time they look in the mirror.

I’m prepared for the backlash or the trolling I may get from this post but in all honesty I don’t care. My tummy may disgust some people, some people may scroll quickly past to avoid seeing it but it’s only because their minds have been programmed by media to how I should look beneath the clothes I wear. Negative opinions are none of my business. My aim in posting this is to encourage people to be body confident no matter what size or shape they are. Every one is different, every one has flaws or parts of themselves that they’re uncomfortable with. But, you know what take the time to examine yourself and show yourself some love. Those stretch marks are a sign of growth, that scare is a reminder that no matter what you will heal, the cellulite is actually cute little dimples. Study your uncomfortable parts and look hard and deep until you find something positive about them. Reject the ideals of how you should look and accept your beautiful self.

I’d be lying to say I’ve always been this confident in myself. In fact it’s taken me years to get here and YES I have moments when I doubt myself BUT I talk myself out of it and remind myself that I’m a unique, beautiful Queen who’s beauty is much more than appearance. There is no other human being in the world like me.

At one time I even went for a consultation to have breast implants but couldn’t secure the finance. Now I look back it was a blessing on disguise. My breast were my main issue. I hated them but I learnt to love and appreciate them. My breast provided all my babies with the nutrients they needed to give them the best start in life. How could I possible hate them? My insecurities came from the images I have constantly been bombarded with from childhood to adulthood of beautiful women with big, perky breasts while mine are flat and lifeless but in reality these images are models and not you average woman. I also believed “perfect” breasts to be one of the main things men were attracted to in a woman and that they were what gave us sex appeal. I was so wrong and insecure back then.

If we started seeing more images of natural women in the media and removed all the filters I’m sure it would encourage us to embrace and love the people we were born to be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you my Queen are your beholder so find, love and nurture you God given beauty. You already have your own perfect body, own it and take pride in it. I Love you ❤


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