Who is Louise Pierre is back!

I haven't written a blog for a while for a couple of reason. Firstly, I allowed someone elses opionions and judgements of my writing discourage me. I let those words fill my heart and accepted them. I was so wrong to allow this to happen. How someone else perceives me or what they think of... Continue Reading →

Mumma’s Footsteps

Mumma's Footsteps Following in Mumma's footsteps I want you to be strong. Following in Mumma's footsteps I want you to be brave. Following in Mumma's footsteps I want you to be kind. Following in Mumma's footsteps I want you to always love. Following in Mumma's footsteps I want you to dream big. Following in Mumma's... Continue Reading →

We are all beautiful

Recently I've been questioning myself and my appearance. Ive been finding myself comparing myself to other women. I have felt insecure and inadequate. But after a little time building myself back up I woke up today feeling an immense love for myself. I feel like a teenager in love but not with a boy but... Continue Reading →

Sick of being broke!

This week I've been feeling all sorry for myself, moaning about not having any money. I have dreams....I want a new car, a bigger house, and I want to be able to book a holiday whenever the urge to travel hits me. Since having little Mumma I just haven't felt motivated. I've felt lost and... Continue Reading →

Walk Away

After being on such a high all week today I woke up crash down on the bottom of a heap. I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster right now and I'm screaming to get off. Today I woke up feeling bitter and angry. The two emotions I do anything to avoid. I know it's... Continue Reading →

Shattered Heart 💔

I wrote this poem last year and still I allowed myself to look for love in the wrong places. I lost focus and forced my heart into the hands of another. I KNOW that true love resides in myself but sometimes I forget and get side tracked. I allowed my love of someone else to... Continue Reading →

Who are they?

My Nan, who I've never really been close to recently lost her husband and due to circumstances we had to move her down to a residential home in Essex to be closer to the family. Since coming down me and Little Mumma (my daughter) have been spending a lot of time with her and I... Continue Reading →

The Royal Wedding

I'm not gonna lie I was one of those people who said they wasn't interested in the royal wedding and I had no plans what so ever of watching it. As I layed on my friend's sofa nursing a hangover she had it on. Now if you know me youll know I'm blind! I didn't... Continue Reading →


I'm surrounded by good family and friends but at times I feel so alone. Alone in my thoughts, my pain and my heartache. In the confussion of it all I struggle to express it vocally. My thoughts get mixed up with my feelings and emotions and I can't untangle them. I don't want to burden... Continue Reading →

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