5 Senses poem

Five Senses of LoveNo words can ever express this feeling.It feels like you’re flying amongst the clouds with the sun warming your skin.It feels like having the ultimate freedom to be able to express yourself without fear of being judged.It feels like a fire burning deep within your soul radiating out of every pore of... Continue Reading →


This is my first poem of the year. I haven't even tried to pen anything other than my daily journal for way to long. My inspiration came from something I was listening to and it just got me thinking how people's perspective of love, in regards to relationships are so negative. People's visions have become... Continue Reading →

Pure Love

In a society of fake idealisms people have lost touch with reality. Fake appearances, fake lifestyles, fake relationships, fake love. Do people even understand the meaning of genuine, pure hearted love?  Love has no restrictions, it can't be controlled, contained or suffocated by the restraints of another. It's as free as an eagle spreading her... Continue Reading →

My perfect body

I work out at the gym more or less everyday. I worked out throughout all my pregnancies, although I haven't always been consistently consistent. Anyway, my point is I'm generally fit and take care of my body but still I have my mummy tummy. I have resided to the fact that I will never have... Continue Reading →

Black and White = Grey

This is one of my most honest poems to date although, I was afraid to share it as there are many thoughts and feelings which I have never expressed to anyone and I'm aware that some of my family and friends may be offended. This is not my intention my intention is to share MY... Continue Reading →

Thoughts to feelings

I haven't written a poem for a while because I like to write from my feelings and in all honesty,  of recent I've felt numb. I know I'm not the only one that has experienced these feelings so why not talk about it? Why hide my words of emptiness? It's not everyday smiles and laughter... Continue Reading →

When You Cheated Poem

PLEASE BE WARNED THIS POEM HAS SOME SEXUAL CONTENT WHICH MAY OFFEND SO EITHER ENJOY OR CONTINUE SCROLLING THROUGH TO THE NEXT POST! When you cheated I often have these questions cross my mind.Because I'm not the cheating kind.I don't understand, I can't comprehend.The lies, the guilt, how did you pretend?What was you thinking? How... Continue Reading →

Connection poem

NEW POEM ALERT 📢 Connection I want that deep connection where I feel you and you feel me. More than a sexual connection where I feel you and you feel me. A connection where our minds, bodies and souls entwine into one. A connection where we elevate up, out into our own world that only... Continue Reading →

Check your breast!

It's mad because on the 30th of June 2016 I attended an appointment at the breast clinic and yesterday on 24th June 2021 I found myself back there. I found a lump on my left breast last week. I ignored it for 2 days thinking it would go away but on the 3rd day I... Continue Reading →

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