Can you stop loving someone?

I was listening to "I Used To Love Him" by Lauryn Hill featuring Mary J Blige this morning as I got the children ready for school. It got me thinking that if you really love someone does that love stop? For me I would say no. If you love someone it doesn't mean that they... Continue Reading →

I’m Scared

For the past few weeks I've been waking up every morning with a ball of fear/anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It literally has been making me feel sick. I've been praying and meditating to try and understand what it is. Then last week I had a scan. I was told that the results... Continue Reading →

It’s all a part of my purpose!

A lot of the time I begin to write in my head but fear of offending, upsetting or judgement from my family and friends prevent me from sharing. Since giving myself a break from my phone this week it has given me so much time to sit back, think, reflect, pray, meditate and read. In... Continue Reading →

No mobile phone for a week!

Me and a friend was talking the other day about us Mums not having much time for ourselves. That night whilst having a little meditation before going to sleep I thought about how much time I have for my calls, emails, banking, social media, movies, music, messaging etc... How much time do we actually... Continue Reading →

Time is the answer!

It saddens me to see so many young lives lost on our London streets recently. Firstly, my heart and prayers go out to everyone effected especially the friends and families of those lost. I can not imagine the pain and loss their hearts must be feeling right now. But also, imagine if it was your... Continue Reading →

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