5 Senses poem

Five Senses of Love

No words can ever express this feeling.
It feels like you’re flying amongst the clouds with the sun warming your skin.
It feels like having the ultimate freedom to be able to express yourself without fear of being judged.
It feels like a fire burning deep within your soul radiating out of every pore of your body.
It feels like someone is gripping and tugging at your stomach and heart.

It smells like the freshest, clearest air.
It smells like the sun, sea and the sand.
It smells so strong that it hits you with such intensity, bringing back the happiest of memories.
It smells like sweet lemonade on a hot summer’s day.
It smells like a new born baby, so innocent and so pure.

It tastes like the sweetest flavour you will ever experience.
It gets your juices flowing and once they start there is no stopping.
It’s flavour is absorbed into every taste bud on your tongue.
It tastes so delicious it has you craving for more.
There is no other flavour that can compare to it’s taste.

It looks like the finest of landscapes so natural and green.
It looks like a diamond shinning bright in the light.
It looks like the calmest of oceans with a depth you can’t reach.
It looks like the sunset and the sunrise; no other beauty can compare.
It looks like innocent children as they laugh and they play.

It sounds like the sweetest of melodies that pulls the strings to your heart
It sounds like the rain falling on the leaves of the Amazon forest.
It sounds like a bird singing in the darkness of the morning.
It sounds like the silence on a snowy winter’s day.
It sounds like a trumpet so loud and so proud.

Who is Louise Pierre


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