Pure Love

In a society of fake idealisms people have lost touch with reality.

Fake appearances, fake lifestyles, fake relationships, fake love.

Do people even understand the meaning of genuine, pure hearted love? 

Love has no restrictions, it can’t be controlled, contained or suffocated by the restraints of another.

It’s as free as an eagle spreading her wings as she soars towards heaven.

Love has no labels

It’s not your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or fiancé.

It pulsates as freely as the blood that flows around the body with every heartbeat.

Love has no conditions.

It doesn’t judge people’s backgrounds, circumstances, situations or choices.

It’s pure and as undiluted as the water from a mountain spring.

Love has no fears. 

It’s not afraid of rejection and does not give to receive.

It’s as fearless as a lioness protecting her lion cubs in the deepest, darkest jungle.

Love is invulnerable.

It’s impossible to cause harm or damage from authentic love.  

It’s openness is as vast as the universe we are searching for our natural reconnection to it.

The real love people believe in is far from the genuine article. Pure love never hurts, destroys, neglects or manipulates. 

Who is Louise Pierre

1st August 2022


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