This is my first poem of the year. I haven’t even tried to pen anything other than my daily journal for way to long. My inspiration came from something I was listening to and it just got me thinking how people’s perspective of love, in regards to relationships are so negative. People’s visions have become distorted and they have lost the pure, natural vision of what love is.


As I place my heart in your hand, I feel an intense sense of trust elevating up my body, from my soles of my feet to the crown of my head.

I feel fearless in your love.

Safe and secure in the warm embrace of your powerful arms.

I don’t need to hear the whisper of those three magical words from your soft sensual lips because I know.

I feel the love seeping out from every pore of your body.

I can see the admiration and desire gleaming from the sparkle of your eyes.

You’re my king and I’m your queen and together we rule our lives.

Conquering our dreams and battling through our fears together.

You stand in front of us yielding a sword fighting off those who envy what we have.

Whilst I watch our backs from those disguised as friends ready to stab us.

We are each other’s protection and armour.

We water the soil that our love continues to grow in.

Me taking care of your roots to help you grow and you pruning my leaves helping me to bloom.

Our hearts beat naturally in unison with each other and when one of us is off beat we do whatever necessary to get our rhythm back.

There is no restrictions holding us back from baring our naked souls.

Comfortable with each others skin and free to express our inermost thoughts and feelings.

Our love goes deeper than a human union.

Our spirits recognised each other the first time our eyes meet.

It is destined, it is God’s plan.

Who is Louise Pierre
18th February, 2023

Artwork @teesandartbytony

#poetry #poem #spokenword #creative #writing #thoughtstowords #whoislouisepierre #love #relationships


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