We are all beautiful

Recently I’ve been questioning myself and my appearance. Ive been finding myself comparing myself to other women. I have felt insecure and inadequate. But after a little time building myself back up I woke up today feeling an immense love for myself. I feel like a teenager in love but not with a boy but with a girl I was destines to be…Louise Pierre. That feeling inspired this blog. It’s been some time since I’ve written anything but that was down to how I was feeling. Today I am back and I’m truely grateful ❤
When we was young girls we didn’t care how we looked. We was carefree and happy. We didn’t scrutinise each other. We complimented each other. Then as we got older we started to criticise and tear each other down with cruel words and judgement that made us begin to question ourselves and our natural beauty. Now as grown women we can’t stand the image the we see in the reflection in the mirror. We try to change ourselves to fit the perfect “image” but whos image is it? We need to start studying and stare hard at that reflection until we see the beauty we was born with. Everyone wether skinny, fat, tall, short, black, white, abled, disabled, scarred, spotty, whatever “imperfections” we see or feel judged upon there is a deeper beauty so much more than words can describe. We are all beautiful in our own indivdual ways so lets celebrate that, lets lift each other up with complements rather than bring each other down with vicious words. We are women, we experience the same struggles and pains so lets help each other heal. We are amazing, we are miraclious and we special. I love you all ❤

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  1. I’m glad you are back and have fallen in Love with yourself. It really does begin within. When we Love ourselves it is easier to Love others and have more compassion (whether we like people/situations or not). Just because a lot of people do not meet the “stereotypical” criteria (and according to whom is “stereotypical”), does not mean they are not beautiful. Granted, the media make it hard for women (probably men too), when that is all you see is that perfect body shape, perfect make up, perfect clothes etc, not to take a look at ourselves and wonder what we are doing wrong. We should all look beyond the material and physical and look for the genuine beauty that radiates from each and every individual soul. The truest beauty I have encountered is from people who do not have much in this life, we need to look beyond what is on the outside and see what is on the inside. When you truly Love yourself, things that people say do not affect you anymore. People who take the time to get to know you or do know you will not expect you to conform to “normal” or expect you to be something you are not. Those who do, are probably not worth being around. We can send them Love and hope that they find peace within themselves to feel comfortable with who they truly are. We are all individuals on an individual journey and it really starts with Loving ourselves first. I look forward to your future blogs 😊❤️


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