I’ve lost my purpose!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog but I have to feel to write and I’ve lost the feeling. In fact I’ve lost my purpose in life. I’ve just been living day to day with no direction. Before, when I would get like this I would worry and put pressure on myself but this time I haven’t. I’ve just been going with it and now I feel like days have turned to weeks and weeks to months and if I’m not careful and don’t take control back over my life the year will be over and what will I have achieved? Nothing! I woke up this morning with an urgent need for change. I need to take action, find my purpose that makes me want to jump out of my bed every morning. Right now it’s 10.39am and I’m still in my bed and I could happily stay here all morning. What am I getting up for? To make the children breakfast, wash the pile of washing that’s over spilling the washing basket, clean the house which will be a mess again at the end of the day, make lunch for the children, take them out for the afternoon, come home, cook dinner, clean up after dinner then come back to bed. This is the trap that I’ve fallen into, this is not my life! I need more than this. I need to find my purpose back! Today is a good day to start searching because I have acknowledged I’ve been lost.

Who is Louise Pierre

12th August 2018

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