Soul Mate

I haven’t written any poetry for such a long time. I struggle to write without feeling and when I saw this image it awoke something in me. So here goes…

Soul Mate

Before I saw you, I felt you.

As our eyes connected so did our souls.

I was naturally drawn to you like we had known each other for a life time.

You gently took my hand in yours and told me your name. 

Your touch warmed me like the blazing heat of the Caribbean sun.

How did you feel so familiar? 

It’s like we had known each other before this moment.

I had known you was coming but I didn’t know when.

I was scared I wouldn’t recognise you and pass you by.

But once we met my fear instantly turned to love.

Love at first presence, how could that be?

I’ve always believed in fairytales, was this the beginning of mine?

Was you sent to be my knight in shining armour, my prince, my king?

I don’t know if it’ll be a happy ever after but I do know we’re living our happy ever now.

Our hearts entwined in a love that can be destroyed by no one but ourselves.

A love that shines brighter than the brightess star in the clearest of skies.

We will protect this love like a new born baby.

We will treasure it like the most precious stone.

Each waking day we will be grateful for each other and enjoy each others presence.

There will be no pressure or judgement. 

Just acceptance of each other for who we are.

These were my thoughts as you took my hand.

“Hi Soul Mate my name’s Louise Pierre and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you”.

Who is Louise Pierre


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