One Day I Will Be She

I came across this picture on #instagram and was blown away by it’s beauty and power. It inspired me to write this poem. I hope you enjoy it #poetryfromthesoul #wordsfromtheheart #thoughtstowords#internationalwomensday #womanofstrength #inspiredbylouisepierre

One Day I Will Be She

Your face has no colour, you’re a beautiful soul.

You radiate elegance and grace wherever you go.

Your light shines bright, you’re like an angel on earth.

Your love it touches every person you meet.

You’re a women of stength, every battle you win.

Your voice is a song, every word that you sing.

A women of stature, a woman of power
You inspire others to always stand tall.

You embrace your natual God given talents.

You are fearless, courageous, a warrior queen.

You’re eyes are a torch, a guidance for others.

Your light they will follow in the depths of their darkness.

You are the women I aspire to be.

I’m working, I’m trying, one day you will be me.

Inspired by Louise

7th March 2018

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