What does it take to be a Mum?

21015701_1765889517037474_1786386513181635557_o27710193_1827213347571757_4609763414341991134_oIt’s so nice that every year we take one day and celebrate our mothers. I’ve never really though about it before but what does it take to be a mother? I know I wasn’t given a guide-book or none of my children came with instructions (which I could really do with at times).

We have our beautiful babies who in our eyes are perfect and as soon as we see them we fall in love with them unconditionally. They are so innocent and pure and untouched by life. We are there encouraging them to take their first steps and want Mummy to be the first words that come from their little mouth although most babies say “Dadda” (that’s gratitude for you lol). We hold them tight in the comfort of our arms and smoother them in our love. We want them to remain our babies forever.

But, as they begin to grow into their own little people our love becomes conditional.  We force responsibilities onto them, tell them to be quite or stop crying and teach them how to hold onto their feelings and emotions. We punish them for what we see in our eyes as bad behaviour. We encourage them to take up hobbies and interests which aren’t their choice but ours. We force them to study and learn because we want them to be doctors or lawyers. We do it all out of love but what we’re really doing is molding these little people into what we want them be and not who they are born to be. Is this why as we get older we are confused about who we are and constantly on a journey of discovering our purpose in life?

We really do try to do our best by our children but one thing I have learnt is that our best will never be enough. There will come times where we will doubt our abilities as a mother. We will question if we made the right choices for them and as they get older we will feel the guilt for their mistakes and bad choices.

Our role as a mother is to guide our children into being the people they are born to be. Encourage them to follow their dreams and make the most of all the opportunities that come their way. We are here to teach our children self-love and happiness.

As much as we are not perfect mothers neither are our children. They will make mistakes, they will make bad choices but it’s for us not to judge them. Let them learn and take responsibility. We can not force our children to grow into the adults we want them to be. We give them life but it is not our’s to live.

Mothers are like guardian angels always there for our children even when they can’t see it. We are always there to protect them no matter what. It’s in our instincts!

A mother loves and that is what it takes to be a Mum!

Happy belated Mother’s day to all you women raising children including Nannies, Grandmas, Aunties, Cousins, Sisters, Friends…It takes a village to grow a child xxx



2 thoughts on “What does it take to be a Mum?

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  1. I love this. We are super mums. To God be the glory. Without him we can’t do this full time job. You’re an amazing person Lou boo. I have bare love for you. God continue to bless you and your house hold.

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