Who is Louise Pierre is back!

I haven’t written a blog for a while for a couple of reason. Firstly, I allowed someone elses opionions and judgements of my writing discourage me. I let those words fill my heart and accepted them. I was so wrong to allow this to happen. How someone else perceives me or what they think of me is none of my business. This is my life and as long as I am not intentionally hurting people with my words I will continue to write . Secondly, I’ve been uninspired. I write from my heart and my heart hasn’t been speaking to me but this morning she has opened up and I welcome her back. I have missed her so much. Lastly, I have been lost and confussed within myself. I have felt ashamed and feeling like a failure. Like most of us I have high expectations of myself. I want to be “successful” but what does that mean? For me I thought it meant having a great career making lots of money and living the “high life”. So, understandably I am going to feel like this because I don’t have a career. I’m a stay at home Mum living my life for my children. So of course I’m going to feel like a “failure” because we are “suppose” to be “power women”, earning big money and putting our career first. F@#k that! That life isn’t for me, that’s not who I was born to be. That’s someone elses life and I am living the high life….my high life.

Today I woke up with different eyes. I am successful and I am f@#king amazing. I am doing a great job raising my children (I’m not perfect but who is?), I’m a good person with a good heart and I am special. I might not have a spectacular purpose in life but like every single one of us on this planet I do have a purpose and that is using my life experiences to uplift and encourage others but ultimately my greatest purpose is to LOVE. I refuse to put pressure on myself to be a “career, money making, hustling power woman”. I am letting go of all my personal expectations and just letting me be. I Louise Pierre am a phenomenal woman and I Louise Pierre have just got my writing flow back😁😁😁😁

Have a great weekend and I promise I will write soon. And thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me with my bloggs. I love and appreciate you ❤

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