Be paitent and let be

It’s been a while….new poem alert!!!!!

Sometimes I find it so hard to see a way out.
I feel to just sleep and never to wake up.
To the pain, resentment this is not the life that I planned out.
But I need to understand that my life is already mapped out.
The struggles, the worries I will always overcome.
So I jump out my bed every morning you come.
The sunshine the brightness, the light that I need.
We all need the rain and the thunder to proceed.
And just like a caterpiller my wings will emerge.
I will be paitent and embrace whatever challenges I recieve.
There’s a much bigger picture, I’m just blinded and can’t see.
Until I see clearly I will lay here and cry.
Release all my worries, my doubts and my fears.
Because I was born with a purpose and that purpose was Louise.
She’s a warrior, a soldier and a spiritual Queen.
I just need to find her but in her I believe.

Who Is Louise Pierre.

#poetry #thoughtstowords #feelingstowords #itsallfrommyheart #iwearmyheartonmysleeve #imanopenbook #whoislouisepierre #iamherandsheisme

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