It’s All In Our Eyes

The last 2 poems I have written have been inspired by songs. This just confirms for me that song writing is my natural progression from here. I hope you enjoy this one ❤

It’s All In Our Eyes

I wanna wake up to your eyes
Like the sunshine’s your eyes.
Look deep in your eyes.
Make love to your eyes.
Connect with your eyes.
My world is your eyes.
Your world is my eyes.
My love is your eyes.
Your love is my eyes.
Our life in my eyes.
Our life in your eyes.
Together it’s our eyes.
The truth’s in my eyes.
The truth’s in your eyes.
We reflect in our eyes.
Respect in our eyes.
It’s all in our eyes.
Can’t hide from our eyes.
Our dreams in our eyes.
Our future’s in our eyes.
Yes, it’s all in our eyes.
See the love in our eyes.

Who Is Louise Pierre

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