When you Cheated


When you cheated

I often have these questions cross my mind.
Because I’m not the cheating kind.
I don’t understand, I can’t comprehend.
The lies, the guilt, how did you pretend?
What was you thinking? How was you feeling?
You broke the heart of another human being.
Was her lips sweeter and softer than mine?
When making love to her did you take your time?
Did you look into her eyes and see the deepths of her soul?
Was you sensual and caring when you entered her hole?
Did I even cross your mind when you was deeply inside?
Or was I far from your thoughts while you enjoyed the ride?
When your manhood exploded did your love unfold?
Was she your greatest experience? Her memory you hold!
Was she a stranger, a friend or a love from the past.
How long was you with her? How long did it last?
Was she prettier me?
Did she please you like me?
Did she have bigger breast?
Or was she just like the rest?
Was she skinny or thick?
Did she swallow your dick?
Where her juicies all wet?
Did you connect when you met?
Was she a powerful queen, was she sweet or a hore?
You clearly didn’t care because you’ve done this before.
So many thoughts and feelings that run through our heads.
While we lay there and cry alone on our beds.
The self doubt and insecurities they all start to rise.
As soon as he’s been in between another girl’s thighs.
As much as we try we can’t help compare.
The betrayal the heartache it’s all so unfair.
We blame ourselves and question where we went wrong.
We’ll feel a mixture of emotions but in the end we’ll be strong.
How many times do we forgive and forget?
More than once I can guarantee and I’ll bet.
We’re forgiving beings, we give chance after chance.
But trust me all cheaters will have a last chance!

Who is Louise Pierre

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