Oldskool RnB Love

I didn’t grow up believing in fairy tale love. I grew up believing in 80s/90s RNB. You had the likes of Jodeci, Next, Joe, Donelle Jones all looking for the perfect woman and perfect love to dedicate their lives to and I really believed I was one of those girls (I was so naive lol). The words in those songs were so powerful. They etched the vision of love on my heart with their sensual vocals and lyrics. And when I listen to them now the feelings all come flooding back. Yes, I got power from women like Lil Kim, Foxxy, Nikki…they had me feeling like a bad bitch that don’t need no man but deep down I really am that RNB girl. I still believe in that love, I still believe I am the perfect woman for the right man and that he is out there looking for me (his perfect woman) and when the time is right we will meet. Yes, it may seem like bullshit. But I’m a romantic and I believe in RNB love. I know I will get my happy RNB after lol

As you may sense I’ve been listening to some oldskool classics this morning 😁😁🎢🎢🎢

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