My king

My King

Every night as I lay down to sleep my king he enters my dreams.

A knight in shinning armour he comes to rescue me.

With smooth black chocolate skin and eyes shinning bright like the stars.

He looks deep into my soul where no one has ever been.

He worships me and loves me like no man ever has.

I am his queen until death do us part.

He easies away my pain with his soft sensual hands.

His soothing voice reasures me that his love is for only me.

We make plans of a fairytale life full of a love that no one can touch.

Our souls join and become one every time he holds me in his arms.

My king fights off all my demons and every battle he wins.

When life gets to much his chest is a cushion where I can rest my head.

He kisses away my tears and assures me he is there.

My king is the king of my world and his is loyal to my heart.

When morning comes I shut my eyes tight holding onto my king.

But when I awake it was all a dream and for now I will be my Queen.

Who is Louise Pierre


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