Feeling Magical

I woke up this morning still feeling emotional after our visit to the Magical Kingdom, Florida yesterday. As soon we arrived I felt like I was entering the movie Jurrasic Park. It felt like a completely different world, a dream and yes I’m even going as far to say a fairytale. As soon as I layed eyes on the princess castle I cried…and I went on to cry a few more times (I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I experienced). My son was quite amused because he couldn’t believe I was crying lol. But seriously, it was all so magical and beautiful. I felt like a little girl believing that dreams come true and that one day I will grow up, meet my prince charming and live happily ever after in a magnificent castle. All I needed was a big princess dress! Guess what???….I’m crying again now because I’m lying here thinking “Disney isn’t real life” 😢. I just wished I could bottle up the whole experience, feelings, emotions of the whole day and open it up when life gets too serious. Why can’t life be a fairytale? Why can’t every day be magical? Well I’m sure going to try my hardest to make it. I already live in my own little bubble and I think after yesterday my bubble just got even bigger. It might not be like in the movies but I will never stop believing dreams can come true and It won’t be with the sprinkling of fairydust but with my own magical faith and belief. Thank you Disney for awakening the child in me again. I will definitely be back and would advise everyone to go. There is something for everyone…girl, boy, man, woman, young or old!

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