What is Beauty?

Scrolling through Instagram I see untold amounts of beautiful images of women. Many with figures to die for, figure hugging clothes to emphasise the figures to die for, immaculate make up, luscious long hair, the latest accesorries and name brand everything. I look at these images and appreciate their beauty but I also feel a little sadness inside sometimes because it makes me realise that this is what we see as the “perfect image of a woman”. This is surface. We are more than our sexy, feminine looks. IT IS NOT our appearance that defines us. We are emotional beings and it’s our emotions that drives us. They drive us to love hard, to protect our children, to stay loyal and be the back bone to our men, to breathe life into everyone we encounter. We are career hungry, driven to provide better lives for ourselves and our loved ones. We are instinctively compassionate and nurturing. We are courageous and brave and will fight whatever battles life presents us with and do whatever is necessary to protect ours.

I don’t understand why many of us value ourselves by the size of our breasts, bums, waists or by our beauty. Yes, men find our assests sexy and a big turn on but we have become more obsessed at what we as women see as “body perfect”. We have made up an image believing that this is what men want but I’m quite sure that the majority of men are happy with a woman’s natural beauty. We are putting so much pressure on ourselves and each other. Why and how did we get to this?????

Now, I’m not knocking anyone because everyone for themselves and I know that if I had the opportunity to have implants it would definitely be something I would seroiusly consider. But why would I consider it? Again, it’s the pressure to be body perfect, to look like the images I see on social media, to be able to wear certain clothes that I feel I can’t wear because “I don’t have the boobs”. And again it’s sad that I feel this way at times because I have a good body considering I’m 41 and have 5 children. Why can’t that be enough for me to feel happy in my own skin? I try my hardest trust me but media has a way of knocking our confidence. If we made it a thing to be proud of our natural beauty I’m sure our confidence would grow and flourish. I worry for my daughter. Imagine, this is how I occasionally feel as a grown woman, what pressures is she going to have before she even reaches her teens? I see it already all the time again on social media…our little girls are little women, but that is a whole other blog.

I would love to know the views from a mans eyes…. What defines the “perfect woman”???

Ladies, believe when I say we are all beautiful….. big, small, curvy, slim, tall, short, abled, disabled, intelligent, creative, educated, uneducated, confident, shy. We all have something beautuful that shines out from inside and don’t let anyone make you lose sight of that.

Beauty is so much more than a pretty face, it’s a pretty heart, mind and soul.

Who is Louise Pierre
Monday 14th January 2019

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