Who is Louise Pierre?

Who is Louise Pierre? I think this is something I will continue to question. Every day I’m a different version of myself. For the last say 6 months I’ve had no idea who she is. If I’m honest I’ve been lost. I’ve had no purpose or direction but slowly, slowly I’ve been finding myself getting back on the path of self discovery. I went back and listened to the The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz which helped remind me where I was at. I’m a true believer that we need to loose ourselves to find ourselves again and this is where I am now. I’m getting to know who Louise Pierre is although I’m constantly evolving and changing.

Recently, an old friend came back into my life very briefly. We meet up and had a really good time together, in fact I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and actually just felt care free. He spoke so deeply about life. I was fascinated by his intelligence. It felt so good to be able to connect to someone on that level. He introduced me the The Bhagavad Gita which has opened up my mind differently, although a lot of the teachings I already knew. I have listened to it about 5 time within the last few days learning something new each time. It has encouraged me to get back into meditation. I forgot how good it feels to meditate. I just want to be in that state all day. I feel calm, at peace and I’m looking at my life through a different perspective. I don’t know when I will see my old friend again but he came into my life at the right time and obviously for a purpose and I’m so grateful. God, the universe, Allah…whatever you want to call it is great and it feels so enlightening to reconnect.

I have decided to slow my life right down and prioritise what is important to me. I have come off social medial, switching off my phone in the evenings, changing my diet, going back to the gym, reconnecting with my natural self and generally getting my life back in order. No more distractions!

One thing for sure I can say about Louise Pierre is that she is love and her ultimate purpose in life is discover true happiness. Let the journey re-begin.

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