Who are you?

Who are you?

I don’t need you to love me or want me.
My ego doesn’t need you to stroke it.
I have an intense desire to love you, admire you and know you.
I want our souls to entwin with each other.
I want to feel you and to you feel me.
I want our spirits to rise to the highest heights.
I don’t want to announce us to the world.
I want you to be my special place that no one knows about.
A place that no one can destroy.
When we touch I want our hands to mold into one.
I’ve never experienced a feeling like this.
I’ve never craved to be in the presence of another like this.
It’s like you put a mystical, magical spell on me. It’s like you’ve removed my eyes and given me new ones.
Whatever it is I’m experiencing I want to keep a hold of it.
I never want this desire I have for us to fade.
I want to grasp this grabbing feeling deep within the pit of my stomach.
I want to explode my love for you from my heart and my chest out into the universe.
Who are you and why have you arrived in my life now?
Are you the soul mate I’ve been searching for?
Or are you my guardian angel?
Or maybe you’re just the man of my dreams.
Whatever this feeling is and whoever you are it feels so real.

Who is Louise Pierre

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