It’s 3am and I’m wide awake.
I’m not worrying or stressing I’m simply awake.
Usually I would fight it and label myself an insomniac.
But who said I should sleep when it’s dark and at night?
So I can wake up tomorow and do a nine to five?
Routines, habits and rules that we’re taught.
A daily struggle because I fell captured and caught.
I was born to be free but shackled from birth.
Feed time, sleep time play time and all.
Forced to live a life that is controlled and not mine.
If only I had wings I would escape and just fly.
But reality is that I’m here to survive,
To find my little purpose and be happy in life.
So for now I will lie here and enjoy the peace of this night.
Come up with ideas, plan and just write.
About my goals and my future and who I want to be.
This time’s when I’m creative this time is for me.
So great rising this morning. I hope your day is so blessed.
But when it hits noon time know I’ll be tired and need rest lol

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