Glint In Your Eye

I see you, but it's that glint in your eye that's drawn my attention.The light shinning through when you talk of your passions.Intrigued and aroused both at the same time.And then it dimmers and I'm searching.Trying to ignite it with question after question.Just so I can see and feel it's expression.How do I spark it?What... Continue Reading →

How Many times?

How many times can I try to forgive? One chick, 10 chicks, your loving you give? It should of been once , I should of walked away. But love conquers all...well that's what they say! Was it you or they? I only have myself to blame. Excepting and expecting it all to change. Your eyes... Continue Reading →

Online Dating

So after being single for some months now I decided to sign up to the online dating site"Tinder" (although now I've been advised this wasn't the best choice). Well, after an hour of signing up I deleted my account. Off of that one experience I don't think online dating is for me. It felt so... Continue Reading →

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