How Many times?

How many times can I try to forgive?

One chick, 10 chicks, your loving you give?

It should of been once , I should of walked away.

But love conquers all…well that’s what they say!

Was it you or they? I only have myself to blame.

Excepting and expecting it all to change.

Your eyes for me only, that’s all that I wanted.

But you didn’t even see me, you took me for granted.

You was always so honest for your love of women.

You also said it was only me, your love you was giving.

The lies, the deceit that hurt me the most.

Nights all alone you always was ghost.

Giving you my all, I thought that would be enough.

How foolish, how stupid of course I was enough.

To you it was nothing but a laugh and a game.

It was all a big joke we would never be the same.

My heart I gave you I kept none for myself.

I was foolish and reckless I should of protected myself.

But it was a lesson learnt, you taught me so much.

I will always be grateful, I thank you so much.

Now I am healing and open to love.

I ‘m free as a bird, I’m free as a dove

Our experiences teach us, they make so strong.

They put us in touch with what feels right and feels wrong.

Now I have learnt from the heartache and pain.

And never will I allow myself to suffer again.

Who is Louise Pierre
1st February 2019

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