The I Am Project Dr Curtis D. Jasper

Last week I took up the I Am Project with Dr Curtis D. Jasper. Basically, it’s a 40 day challenge of  spiritual and personal development. I’d signed up to do it before and didn’t even start so I was really determined and enthusiastic to give it a 2nd go.

I was suppose to start on the 8th but since receiving my email from Dr Curtis D. Jasper I have been having a personal battle. I have done everything to avoid getting started. I  downloaded my booklet and read through it and then made up all these excuses why I couldn’t print it off and that I can’t work from my computer…I needed a hard copy! Really Louise? Who are you trying to kid?

Then today I admited to myself that I’m scared. I’m scared of facing who I really am. I’m scared of the fact that I’ve got a lot of healing and forgiving to do and I’m scared this is going to open up the floodgates to all the tears and pain I’ve been holding onto. I also told myself today “F@*k it Louise we’re going to do this”. So 6 days late and I’m starting. Actually, in fact I’m NOT late because today is the RIGHT TIME for me to start!

I’m facing my personal fears and ready for The I Am Project.

Watch this space and I will keep you up to date with how I’m doing.

Also, please check out Dr Curtis D. Jasper on facebook and Instagram. A good friend of mine introduced me to him and I’m truly grateful that he did. He is a brilliant motivational mentor and life coach. I believe people come into your life for a reason and his is to help me with my spiritual journey and to help me discover my real self!

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