Time is the answer!

29136451_1857417944269788_2991399960826339545_n.pngIt saddens me to see so many young lives lost on our London streets recently. Firstly, my heart and prayers go out to everyone effected especially the friends and families of those lost. I can not imagine the pain and loss their hearts must be feeling right now. But also, imagine if it was your child, friend or relative that had taken the life of another. Imagine the pain that they must be feeling knowing that someone that they love is capable of such a ruthless and heartless act. I too hold them in my prayers.

I’ve seen so many post over social media about what should be done and I too have been up at night thinking what is the solution? Is there a solution? I don’t know if some of these young people have gone so far down a dark road that they are able to make their way back but one thing I do know is that we can make changes for our future generations.

I believe that as with education it all starts at home. We need to take back control of our children, know where they are and who they’re with, take an interest in their lives. We have lost them to the government, schools, TV, social media, music, friends, gangs and the streets. Bring our children home!

There are so many contributing factors as to why we have lost our children. We live such busy lives wether we are single Mums, single Dads, married or co-habiting. We are all trying to do the best for our children by providing for them but what we need to question is what are we providing for them? Clothes, the latest trainers, the latest gadgets, money, the latest trends? We need to provide them with our TIME!

I understand what it’s like trust me with 5 children I struggle to give my children the quality time that they deserve and need but I do the best I can even if it’s taking them to the park, cinema, movie nights at home, bowling, sitting down at dinner time together etc…

I’m guilty of spending more time on my phone, laptop and tv than I should but now that I am aware of this I am conciously making an effort to put them down or turn them off. I’m also guilty of telling my children to go and play their computer, iPads or watch TV to give myself time. I have also made an agreement today to take back control and give our time to each other. They can help me with the cooking and other household chores and we make it fun. This will free us up with more  time for me to spend with them.

I have them all involved with at least one after school activity which on top of the school run, working from home and running a household leaves me with little time but it’s essential. It’s about finding interests and hobbies for them. Finding out what their dreams and aspirations are and encouraging them. We need our children to believe in themselves and for them to believe that no matter what circumstances they have been born into EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! They CAN DO and BE anything they want in life. Yes, the struggle may be hard but with our guidance and support they can do it. Instead of buying their attention we can put that money aside for their future wether it be a deposit towards a house, money to invest in a business venture or further education. Lets provide a future for them!

We are setting up our children not to have a real value of money. We’re encouraging them to become materialistic so when they do get older they will do anything to make money to maintain a materialistic lifestyle and this may see them on the streets hustling. I’m speaking from experience. I spoilt my first son. He had designer clothes from birth. I thought buying him what he wanted would give me his full attention. I even competed with his Dad! All this did was back fire. My son left home at the age of 16 to live with his nan. Now he is motivated by the latest designer clothes and shoes and a lifestyle that I would never of wished for him. I have blamed myself because there are some many things I should of done but at the time I thought I was doing my best. I have learnt so much from having my first son and as much as I love him with all my heart he is an adult now. I still try to guide him and encourage him but it’s for him to understand the consequences of his life choices.

From my experience with my first son it has evolved me as a mother. I don’t want to fail the rest of my children like I did him. I don’t want to be my children’s friend. I want to be their role model, hero and inspiration. I want to give them the best chance for them to grow into the people they were born to be not the people I want them to be. I want to be the leading influence in their lives.

Today I make an agreement with myself and that is to make more quality time with my children even if it is sitting down and reading with them, doing their home work with them, painting or drawing. Whatever it takes I will do. I will make my children my business, I will invest in, I will make them my priority and I will do what ever I can to save them from ending up on the streets.

This is my action to preventing a future of more senseless killings of the young people on our streets and if we all do this we can all make a difference.

Just remember this: our young people will one day become parents too. What does that say for our future generations????

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