I’m a binger!

Today I realised that I’m a binger.  I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to do any thing in moderation whether it be drinking, dieting, eating, exercising and even cleaning…yes I said it “cleaning”.

After a week of decorating and clearing out my house I’ve come to the realistaion that I’m even a bindger when it comes to cleaning. My mind goes into overdrive and I start visualising how I want my house to look and don’t want to stop until I get it there. This is not right as my poor children have been stuck in all day because I’ve been cleaning. Oh no, I did drag them out to Asda home and Tesco to get them new duvets, pillows and covers (I can’t say they were overly impressed).

I’ve literally emptied out my entire airing cupboard and thrown away my old towels and sheets. It does feel refreshing but now I just need to win the lottery to replace them and finish the rest of my house lol.

I eventually called it a day at 8.15 this evening in time to watch Casualty (my weekly favourite) but there is still so much more to do. I’m going to go through every single draw and cupboard and de-clutter. I’m taking everything down to the minimal. I also realised that I don’t use half the shit in my house and that it’s all taking up space. I mean really how many towels and bed sets do I really need? I’m a binge buyer as well so I have untold amounts of stuff that I don’t need. From now on when I go shopping I’m only shopping for what I actually need even if I do get drawn in by the weekly offers in Sainsburys. I need serious will power but I’m determined so I will resist the temptation lol

One good thing that’s come out of my cleaning and decorating this week is that it’s distracted me from binging on social media. I spend way to much time on facebook and instagram. In fact I’m not a binger I’m an addict but that’s a whole new other blogg lol

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and spring is really here and I’ve just been spring cleaning and not binge cleaning lol.

Oh, and can I add I will NOT be decluttering my shoes. A girl can never have enough shoes! In fact I’m making space for more lol

And before I go I just wanted to share with you my little Buddha and candle holders that I got for my downstairs toilet from Home Sense. Now I can pee in peace and tranquility, well that’s until one of my little ones come barging in! I can never go to the bathroom without one or all of them disturbing me. Anyway, sorry I got distracted. As I was saying…Home Sense, I love that store they have so many  different unique furniture and accesories for the home. If you don’t have one near you then go to the TK Maxx home department they sell the same things there but just not as much!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget the clocks go forward an hour tonight!


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