No mobile phone for a week!

Me and a friend was talking the other day about us Mums not having much time for ourselves. That night whilst having a little meditation before going to sleep I thought about how much time I have for my phone….phone calls, emails, banking, social media, movies, music, messaging etc… How much time do we actually waste on our phones? Those random minutes you pick up your phone during the day to check for notifications or scroll through your social media sights turn into hours! After these thoughts I have decided to turn my phone off for a week! YES, 1 WEEK. I’m not going to lie it has crossed my mind wether I’m going to be able to survive without my phone. How will I cope? Will my world end? Actually, I’m going to admit it…I’M ADDICTED to my phone and I’m ready to break the addiction. I want my life back. I survived when I was younger so I will survive now.

I will be messaging all my family and close friends my house number tonight (which I never usually answer) so if they do need me they can get in contact. I will also be writing a diary/blog which I will post at the end of my week.

I’m now really looking forward to spending much more quality time with my family playing board games, arts and crafts and just having fun. They’re involved in this as well…no iPads, X-Box or TV. They’re not overly happy but I know they will appreciate it at the end of our time.

So for now it’s goodbye. I’m off to spend the time that we complain that we don’t have with my children and myself.

Mobile offLove you xxx

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