It’s all a part of my purpose!

A lot of the time I begin to write in my head but fear of offending, upsetting or judgement from my family and friends prevent me from sharing. Since giving myself a break from my phone this week it has given me so much time to sit back, think, reflect, pray, meditate and read. In doing this it has cleared my mind from so much clutter and fear! Yes fear, that negative feeling that prevents us from living the life we were born to live, that feeling that prevents us from going for our dreams, that feeling that allows us to doubt ourselves and our abilities.

Well now that I’m releasing my fears I’m going to share much more of my writing. You may hate it or you may love it but I have been given a talent and this talent is a part of my purpose in life. I am not sharing for myself. I am sharing for you…YES YOU, that one person who my words will touch, comfort, love, encourage and support. I am experiencing life good and bad for a reason and that reason is you.
If my words do offend anyone that is not my intention. I will not apologise because they are my thoughts, feelings and opinions. They are not right nor are they are wrong, they are not true nor are they false, they are words for you to recieve how you wish.
I have been re-directed back onto my path and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.
Have a blessed weekend and I will write soon.
One love ā¤

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