Is it time to hang up my raving stilettos?

There’s a handful of us from the school run who have become really tight friends. I love these ladies, they’re an important part of my everyday life. They’re my daily laughter fix. I’m the mother hen out of all of us (only because I’m the eldest) 🙈. Last night a few of us went out on a mission to be “Bad Moms” lol. If you know how it is being a mum then you’ll understand. You need to just let go of your responsibilities, go out and just be yourself. I love going out and wished I could get out more often but who’s really going to look after 4 children on a weekly basis???? So when I do go out I like to get “white girl wasted” and dance until the balls of my feet start burning!

Last night was NOT the case. I was far from that “bad mom” I had imagined I was going to be. I actually felt like “mum” on a couple of occasions. I even found myself in the toilets helping a little 21 year old nurse her nose bleed ( I think she’d had a line too many).
I was really trying to force a good night but it just wasn’t happening. I blame it on the music. The DJ was doing any old random mixes. I’d be getting into the zone and then he’d fling in a tune to mess up my vibe. I think working in the music industry really makes you scrutinise the music when you go out (it can be really annoying).
Any way, I was outside and this lovely girl came over to me and asked me if my name was Louise? I was studying her face thinking who is she? Do I know her? and then I went into a panick thinking “shit I don’t have a clue”. Turns out she’s one of my followers on Facebook. I’m starting to feel like a little celebrity lol. Anyway, we got talking had a little hug and then I went inside feeling all happy that my words are doing their job. THEN, she comes back with her friend who asks me “Are you Kai’s Mum?” When I said yes this young girl went on to tell me about how she loves my son and that she went to school with him. I felt like the DJ stopped the music and everything just paused. I looked around me and everyone just looked sooooo young and I felt sooooo old.
That wasn’t the end of it. I was getting down on the dance floor and then this big 6ft guy comes up to me and there’s me thinking here we go my man’s going to try and chat me up but NO…there was those words again “Are you Kai’s Mum?” at this stage I was like “NO” but he knew.

How did I try to deny it? How many people have a bald head blondie for a mum? It’s not like he could of got me confused with someone else lol.

He gave me a nice little mumsie hug and that was it, Mumsie had to be on her best behaviour. There’s no way I was going to embarrass my son and have his friends going back and reporting my antics.

I just felt so old and out of place. I just wanted to leave and go somewhere else but it was too early to go where we had in mind…you know them bashments that you can’t go to before 1am and this place finished then and on top of that the children were at home with my mum who would not have been impressed with me rocking in at 7am in the morning. So the responsible me went home early and I was tucked up in bed by 2. If you know me this is not me. I’m the one always looking for an after party trying to make the most of my “freedom”.
Now, this morning I’ve been laying here feeling that was a waste of a night out (nothing to do with my friends because I was in good company). I just feel I didn’t reach a climax. I didn’t even reach the build up!!! And again if you’re a mum you’ll know that we have to make the most of our nights out 🙈 But whats really playing on my mind is AM I GETTING TOO OLD????? Do I need to hang up my raving stilettos? Can I be out raving with my son’s friends? What age does it all end? Do I need to now start having responsible nights out at good restaurants or the theatre? “NOOOOOOOOO” I”m not ready to call it a day. Surely I’ve got a good few years left in me. Am I that “mutton dressed as lamb” that I used to see out in the clubs when I was younger? Please Lord no. Please let me keep passing as 30 something 🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂😂 I can’t call it a day, I’m just not ready!

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