Can you stop loving someone?

I was listening to “I Used To Love Him” by Lauryn Hill featuring Mary J Blige this morning as I got the children ready for school. It got me thinking that if you really love someone does that love stop? For me I would say no. If you love someone it doesn’t mean that they have to be in your life. Does your love stop when someone dies? NO it doesn’t. Anyway, the thought inspired a Facebook post which I quickly shared and then continued with the morning school run.

I didn’t give the post any more thought until I came back to it and read some of the comments. I then started thinking what love really is and how we have so many different perceptions.
I think of love as a powerful energy that we share. This energy has the power to heal, it is pure and does NOT cause pain. It gives you the ultimate high and because of that feeling we are always in search for a higher intensity of love. It’s like a drug! We look in other people, materialistic things, pets, lifestyles, career choices, where ever we think will trigger that high. What we fail to remember is that we are born of love and because of our parents, families and friends expectations of love, fairy tales, movies, books, poetry… basically everything around us we lose track of the fact that pure, unconditional love is there within ourselves.
My old self use to believe that love was a romantic unison of 2 people coming together and forging a life together, being faithful, honest, loyal, supportive, understanding and living happily ever after. Now, for the present Louise this is not the case. It’s all those things but to myself. These expectations are what causes us to think we no longer love. I always compared someone else’s actions and expressions of love to my own and when they acted in a way that hurt me would blame it on love. It wasn’t love that was causing the pain but my expectations and perceptions that I had of an idealistic love that I had been trained to believe was real.
I feel that I’m in a place that no matter what pain a person who I truly love (not infatuated with) may cause is their choice and not a reflection of me. No one person is perfect and now I have a different understanding and discovering more self love I try removing myself away from any situation that makes me question my love or does not sit well with me. I don’t want to put up barriers around my heart and cut of feelings and the flow of my loving energy anymore. I just want to love freely and openly.
I use to blame love for a lot of my pains. I use to think that people didn’t love me and that would effect my ability to love. Just because someone doesn’t return my love doesn’t mean I should stop.

Love heals. It doesn’t compete, it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t compromise and it certainly doesn’t hurt. Just how we breath we naturally love. Stop imprsioning your love and just let it flow freely. Stop trying to protect it because its not love that needs protecting but our ideas of it.

Sending loving energy to anyone reading this ❤

Note to reader: My blogs are my feelings that turn to thoughts which I express through my words. They are not true or false nor are they right or wrong and I am always open to other peoples thoughts so please share.

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