The Royal Wedding

I’m not gonna lie I was one of those people who said they wasn’t interested in the royal wedding and I had no plans what so ever of watching it. As I layed on my friend’s sofa nursing a hangover she had it on. Now if you know me youll know I’m blind! I didn’t have my contacts in or glasses on so I couldn’t see a thing so I was listening as I drifted in and out of sleep. As I got up to get ready I noticed my friend had been crying. Inwardly I was was thinking “get a grip girl it’s only a wedding. What are you crying for?” Bless her ❤.

I left there, went to collect the kids and came home. Flicking through the TV channels I came across the Royal Wedding so after seeing nothing but post after post of everyone talking about it on my social media I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Well, I had to grab for the tissues. Yes, I cried in fact I bawled my eyes out. What an absolutely beautiful couple and you could see the love so clearly as they stared into each other’s eyes. What really touched me was Meghan’s mum. Ahhhhhh the pride on that woman’s face. Imagine having your daughter marry a real prince? This wedding represented so much….but ultimate for me it was a reminder that love does not see colour and it does not judge and through love everything is possible!

After recently coming out of a long term relationship and being in my forties. I had totally wrote off the idea of ever getting married. I have no interest in getting into another serious relationship and I never imagined being an old bride lol. But, this wedding has changed that. I would love to eventually find my soul mate and live happily ever after. Love doesn’t have no age so even if I’m in my seventies what’s wrong with that? I may never have the big white wedding that every woman dreams of but does it really matter when you’re looking at the bigger picture? Thank you Harry and Meghan you have restored my faith and congratulations ❤

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