I can’t believe….

I love how my writing just flows when I’m in a good place…here’s my latest peice 😁

I Can’t Believe…

I can’t believe that the day would come
when me and you would part.
I thought our love would last forever.
You was my world and your whole being filled my heart.
We had it all or so I thought…a family, a business and a home.
But without trust and loyalty it all disappeared.
The dreams, our plans our happy ever after.

I can’t believe the day would come when me and you don’t even speak.
You was the one person I would bare my soul to.
Even if you didn’t listen it was your ears I used.
It was you I called when I was at home all alone.
Now when we pass each other by not a look in the eye or even a “hi”.
We are now strangers with no knowlege of each others lives.

I can’t believe the day would come when I dont even know who you are.
I never thought anyone would would know you like I did.
How wrong could I have been.
It’s funny how you can know someone for so many years but not really know them at all.
Life can be so unexpected and never goes to plan.
Because nothing is ever guaranteed or promised.

I can’t believe the day would come when we would never be friends.
You was my best mate and my soul mate I thought we’d never end.
I feel like I’ve been mourning the loss of a loved one to death.
But it’s true that time is a healer because the pain is easing away.
I truely will always be grateful to the man I knew and loved.
Because of you I’ve discovered the meaning of my love.

Who is Louise Pierre

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