Save our daughters from the influence of social media.

Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, many of your daughters have social media? Everywhere you go you see young girls taking selfies, young girls dancing to their phones, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling from one profile to another. These young girls are daughters and these daughters are being influenced by influencers who are paid to influence!┬áHave you thought... Continue Reading →

What is Beauty?

Scrolling through Instagram I see untold amounts of beautiful images of women. Many with figures to die for, figure hugging clothes to emphasise the figures to die for, immaculate make up, luscious long hair, the latest accesorries and name brand everything. I look at these images and appreciate their beauty but I also feel a... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Beast!

On Friday night I got a call from an old friend who our paths keep on crossing. She offered me 2 tickets to go and see Fantastic Beast on the X screen at Cineworld, 02. I jumped at them because I've been promising the boys that I'm going to start making time for them individually.... Continue Reading →

Online Dating

So after being single for some months now I decided to sign up to the online dating site"Tinder" (although now I've been advised this wasn't the best choice). Well, after an hour of signing up I deleted my account. Off of that one experience I don't think online dating is for me. It felt so... Continue Reading →

I can’t believe….

I love how my writing just flows when I'm in a good's my latest peice ­čśü I Can't Believe... I can't believe that the day would come when me and you would part. I thought our love would last forever. You was my world and your whole being filled my heart. We had it... Continue Reading →

Can you stop loving someone?

I was listening to "I Used To Love Him" by Lauryn Hill featuring Mary J Blige this morning as I got the children ready for school. It got me thinking that if you really love someone does that love stop? For me I would say no. If you love someone it doesn't mean that they... Continue Reading →

It’s all a part of my purpose!

A lot of the time I begin to write in my head but fear of offending, upsetting or judgement from my family and friends prevent me from sharing. Since giving myself a break from my phone this week it has given me so much time to sit back, think, reflect, pray, meditate and read. In... Continue Reading →

I’m a binger!

Today I realised that I'm a binger. ┬áI don't know what it is but I can't seem to do any thing in moderation whether it be drinking, dieting, eating, exercising and even cleaning...yes I said it "cleaning". After a week of decorating and clearing out my house I've come to the realistaion that I'm even... Continue Reading →

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