Pretty Lady

You’ve got this Pretty Lady…a poem I wrote last year for everyone who has experienced or experiencing domestic abuse. I hope these words give you strength and courage.

Pretty Lady

Hey pretty lady when I look in your eyes
I can see that you are hurting I can see you are lost.
No sparkle no twinkle your eyes they are dead.
He’s words and his beatings they have killed you inside.
He has taken your power, he has made you feel numb.
Your voice goes unspoken and you’re no longer heard.
You’re waiting for change and you know it won’t come.
His promises of happiness you know it won’t be.
He’s a liar, he’s a bully, insecure and he’s weak.
To destroy you, belittle you and damage your soul.
His words they mean nothing the pain it will heal.
Find the strength deep inside you and do what you feel.
Fight back with your courage, pack your bags and just leave.
He will, cry he will beg you, he will promise you love.
But the devil is a liar he knows what to say.
Stand strong pretty lady, stand firm in your choice.
It will take time for your healing but I know you’ll repair.
Find the light it’s inside you. You know that it’s there.
The love for yourself it needs to be found.
She’s calling, she begging she’s not with that man.
You can do this pretty lady you can come through it all.
You’ll be stronger, you’ll be wiser, you’ll Inspire us all.

Inspired by Louise Pierre


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