Depression, depression…depression

I know that this poem will resonate with many people and by me sharing this I hope it’ll encourage people to open up and not be affraid to talk about the elephant that is present in so many rooms. 

Depression, depression….depression There’s so much I’d like to share. So much I’d like to say. But I’m too scared of being judged. Too scared of letting you down. Too scared of showing my weakness. So, silently I stay quiet. Silently, I face my fears. Silently, I heal myself.

Depression, depression…depression  I feel like no one understands. No one hears my cries. No one will hold my hand. No one can help me up.I have to get up by myself.I have to fight it alone. I have to find my strength. I have to win this battle within.

Depression, depression…depression.
Shhh, don’t say it out loud. Shhh, don’t admit you’re suffering. Shhh what will everyone think? Shhh, what will everyone say? Keep it all to yourself. Sit and suffer in silence. Paint your face with a smile. Hide your cry with a laugh.

Depression, depression…depression. It’s all in your mind. It’s mind over matter. It’s a choice. It’s a state of mind. What’s wrong with you? Fix up Get up, get washed and dressed. What’s wrong with you?

Depression, depression…depression  It’s real and it’s alive and kicking.
Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be affraid. Feel it, share it, fight it, overcome it. Accept it, face it, embrace it and show it love.
You’re not alone, in time you will heal.

Who is Louise Pierre 17th January 2021

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