This is my hideaway.
She has been with me through rain, snow and now spring.
She has been my haven, my silence and tranquility.
She may appear dead on the out side but there is so much going on within her and at her roots that grow deep down to the core of this earth.  
She is preparing for her true beauty which will just appear within a blink of my eye.
She will blossom and I will breathe in ever breath of her beauty.
I just want to sit here with her for all of my days.
She’s so peaceful and calm.
She’s my perfect place. My place to just be.
She raises my vibrations and brings a smile to my face .
She’s my healing spot where I shed my tears and release my fears.
This hideaway is my reminder that change, growth and renewal is coming.
This is my hide away. This hideaway is me.

Who is Louise Pierre
6th March 2021

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