Pretty Lady

You've got this Pretty Lady...a poem I wrote last year for everyone who has experienced or experiencing domestic abuse. I hope these words give you strength and courage. Pretty Lady Hey pretty lady when I look in your eyes I can see that you are hurting I can see you are lost. No sparkle no... Continue Reading →

What is Beauty?

Scrolling through Instagram I see untold amounts of beautiful images of women. Many with figures to die for, figure hugging clothes to emphasise the figures to die for, immaculate make up, luscious long hair, the latest accesorries and name brand everything. I look at these images and appreciate their beauty but I also feel a... Continue Reading →

Feeling Magical

I woke up this morning still feeling emotional after our visit to the Magical Kingdom, Florida yesterday. As soon we arrived I felt like I was entering the movie Jurrasic Park. It felt like a completely different world, a dream and yes I'm even going as far to say a fairytale. As soon as I... Continue Reading →

What am I doing?

The other day I had a conversation with a friend that got me really thinking. I don't know if it's because the end of the year is a aproaching but it made me question myself. What am I really living for? At the moment I'm living for my kids. Everyday, I am doing for them... Continue Reading →

My king

My King Every night as I lay down to sleep my king he enters my dreams. A knight in shinning armour he comes to rescue me. With smooth black chocolate skin and eyes shinning bright like the stars. He looks deep into my soul where no one has ever been. He worships me and loves... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Beast!

On Friday night I got a call from an old friend who our paths keep on crossing. She offered me 2 tickets to go and see Fantastic Beast on the X screen at Cineworld, 02. I jumped at them because I've been promising the boys that I'm going to start making time for them individually.... Continue Reading →

Just let be…

I think that many of us are so focused on having the perfect partner, relationship, job and life in general. We watch instagram, facebook, tv and believe what we are seeing is real but it's all an illusion. There is no perfect and if I'm honest I'm glad there isn't because this world and life... Continue Reading →

Oldskool RnB Love

I didn't grow up believing in fairy tale love. I grew up believing in 80s/90s RNB. You had the likes of Jodeci, Next, Joe, Donelle Jones all looking for the perfect woman and perfect love to dedicate their lives to and I really believed I was one of those girls (I was so naive lol).... Continue Reading →

Online Dating

So after being single for some months now I decided to sign up to the online dating site"Tinder" (although now I've been advised this wasn't the best choice). Well, after an hour of signing up I deleted my account. Off of that one experience I don't think online dating is for me. It felt so... Continue Reading →

I can’t believe….

I love how my writing just flows when I'm in a good's my latest peice 😁 I Can't Believe... I can't believe that the day would come when me and you would part. I thought our love would last forever. You was my world and your whole being filled my heart. We had it... Continue Reading →

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